I have been homesick

for my old home,

the one where I was born.

I am homesick for the place.

Where I made my first friend,

& met others who said

they will be there until the end.

And I have been homesick for those people

I shared my many firsts,

and those who were there

during my mental burst.

The nostalgia, The yearning,

The grief of the past;

I am homesick for the

things that didn’t last.

I am homesick for my first school,

the teachers, friends, classes and

everything else that was back then very cool.

I miss my childhood that

I spend playing there,

I am homesick for people

who genuinely cared.

I am homesick for that sky,

the one where I could see

the stars bright and shine.

But now I am in a different city

living a different life.

And right now everything looks Foreign to me

as if I don’t belong here;

It’s somewhere else I have to be,

I just have to find where?


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